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Who We Are

Life Luxe Gives (LLG), the community outreach arm of 53017N, Inc., supports non-profit organizations and causes, which raise funds and engage in hands-on work to promote education, health and wellness opportunities for the communities in need.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales from Life Luxe Gives and Life Luxe Jazz events helps raise funds for designated charities. Monies raised through 53017N, Inc. are directed to organizations who share our values and vision. Our charitable funding recipients are selected by our Board of Directors, based on their commitment to excellence, and a portion of donated funds that go to the missions they support.

Our Mission

To leverage the power of music, visual and culinary arts to build bridges between varied cultures and nationalities and assist in removing biases based on lack of knowledge and misinformation.

Our Goal

To enrich the lives of people and their communities where we do business. We believe lives can be changed by exposure to positive experiences that enable individuals to imagine new possibilities for their lives.

Our Leadership

Dianna Clarkson, President, Terry Jenkins Powell, Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Dianna Clarkson, CEO 53017N, Inc.; Terry Jenkins Powell, CFO 53017N, Inc.; Dwain Kyles, Board Member 53017N, Inc.; Gale Monk, Board Member 53017N, Inc.; Ellice Hawkins, Board Member 53027N, Inc.


MUSIC: The Jazz Master Class

True believers in the healing powers of music, and its ability to bridge cultural differences and promote world unity and understanding is at the forefront of the Jazz Master Class. The purpose of the program is to expose, expand, and inspire the next generation of musicians and music lovers; providing a rare opportunity to interact with the internationally known jazz artist; and plant the important message of the healing power of music to bridge cultural divides and bring seemingly divergent worlds together. The Master Class has become a favorite priority of Life Luxe Gives.

2018 Jazz Master Class with T.S. Monk, Jr.

Our first Master Class was held Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at the Colegio Mission, a K-12 school in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Students and their families were treated to a powerful learning opportunity with American jazz musician, T.S. Monk Jr., drummer, composer, bandleader, and son of the legendary jazz pianist, Thelonious Monk, Sr.

Had a wonderful time in Cabo....dominated by questions asked by the youngest students. That is very encouraging for the future of jazz around the world...
-T.S. Monk Jr.

We are honored to have been chosen to host the jazz education event sponsored by the founders of the Life Luxe Jazz experience. Our hope is that through this type of engagements engagement our students and community will look beyond traditional art forms to express their creative talents.
-Luis Ines, Principal

In the end, the Life Luxe Gives Master Class was touted as being highly successful by all. Students and their families thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Monk's presentation, and all walked away with a new appreciation of not only jazz as a musical artform, but connective powers of music in general.


As a part-time resident of Cabo San Lucas, the principle organizer, Dianna Clarkson, has come to learn firsthand the need for access to healthcare in underserved, local communities, particularly after the devastating effects increased natural disasters are having on at-risk communities around the world. The LLG medical outreach programs, like Cabo Cares, held during the Life Luxe Jazz festival, strive to give the support needed to local agencies in their planning, fundraising and collaboration with one another and local businesses to develop more comprehensive outreach programs that bring services directly to those in need.

2018 Health and Wellness Medical Outreach in Gastelum, Mexico.

The purpose of this event was to bring medical and dental care and supplies to the area's disenfranchised children and elderly citizens. Medical services were provided by volunteer doctors, dentists and other medical professionals from the United States and Mexico, including: Amigos de los Niños, H+ Hospital, the Mexican Navy, and Cruz Roja Mexicana. The Letty Coppel Foundation provided their mobile medical unit. Over 300 participants were given general medical exams, which included eye, ear, blood pressure, glucose testing, as well as treatments for dermatology problems. Other services provided included mammograms, pap smears, dental cleanings, bone density screenings, and mental health evaluations. Life Luxe Gives also collected and distributed over $5000 worth of school, health and wellness supplies.

I want to thank Life Luxe Jazz for the opportunity to come to Cabo. The need for access to healthcare is universal.
Dr. Patricia Harris, President-elect, America Medical Association

Having the opportunity to come to this community and give back... as a mental health professional, knowing the impact it has when people show up because they care about you in communities where it feels like, frankly, they don't.
Dr. Janet Taylor, Psychiatrist

I'm proud to be part of an event that isn't just about entertainment and soothing our souls, but also soothing the souls of others who need more help.
Dr. Niva Lubin-Johnson, President, National Medical Association

Life Luxe Gives 2019 - Going Forward

Master Class 2019

Based on the success of the 2018 Master Class, the Los Cabos Direccion Municipal de Cultura (Los Cabos Board of Cultural Affairs) has offered to host the 2019 Master Class at the new cultural center in the capital city of San Jose Los Cabos, with the goal of extending the class to all the local schools in the area and expose more children and young adults to the importance of music in education, and as an option for expressing their creative talents in employment and travel opportunities.

After the devastation of Tropical Storm Lydia and Hurricane Odil, many schools in Los Cabos lost all their musical instruments and were forced to suspend their music programs. In 2019, Life Luxe Gives hopes by highlighting this problem through the promotion of the Master Class, the headliner, local companies and individuals will assist in the collection of new and used musical instruments to help rebuild the music programs in several area schools.

Community Outreach 2019 - Cabo Ve

Life Luxe Jazz has chosen Cabo Ve as its community outreach program for 2019. We have partnered locally with DIF (the municipal Family Services agency) and the Local Lions Club Association of Los Cabos to bring much needed eye care to the economically depressed the Los Cabos area. Cabo Ve is also supported by the St. Luke's Health Systems in Houston, Texas, who will provide physicians, supplies and training. Training will also be provided to teachers in Los Cabos to help them identify students with vision challenges. The two-day event will provide eye examinations and prescription glasses to more than 600 adults and children, as well as cataract and glaucoma screenings.

The highlight of the Life Luxe Gives fundraising will be Delectable Darkness: A Sensuous Dining in the Dark Experience. This novel and exhilarating event creates a unique and memorable tasting occasion for blindfolded guests, allowing them to experience the usually mundane task of dining with heightened sensory pleasures and increased empathy and compassion for those without sight. Funds will be raised and donated for preventive care and surgical procedures for those identified as being at risk for these diseases.

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