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LIFE LUXE GIVES, through its non-profit organization 53017N, Inc. partners with non-profit organizations and causes to engage in hands-on work providing educational outreach to improve the physical, financial and emotional health of people in under served communities domestically and internationally.

Domestic Outreach

The Pass Joy Project

From Resistance to Resilience:
Changing Lives and Expanding Horizons

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(PJP) seeks to cultivate passion and joy in Black youth as a progressive mindset directly related to their emotional, professional, and financial success. Our goal is to help change the mindset from the historic use of joy as a tool of resistance into one of resilience and prosperity.


Black High School Students of Generation Z (1995-2020). Described as: Digital, Entrepreneurial, Diverse, Progressive, Less Religious, Overwhelmed, Lonely, Individual, Sexual/Gender Fluid, Socially Conscious


Today's black poverty rate of 21% is almost three times that of whites. Financial security, too, still differs dramatically by race. In 2018, black households earned $57.30 for every $100 in income earned by white families. And for every $100 in white family wealth, black families held just $5.04. The collective mental and emotional anguish Black youth feel as they plead with a country to believe that their lives matter, has taken a huge toll on grade point averages, emotional wellbeing, and has lowered rates of high school completion and college enrollment.


The PJP seeks to address these age-old problems from a new direction, one that promotes the importance of self-definition and actualization through the pursuit of passion and succeeding through joy. Both, which research has successfully proven, can uplift self-worth, self-love and hope, things sorely lacking in many black communities.

'Resist through joy' has been a stalwart position in the Black community against the oppression and inhumanity of racism. Now it’s time to turn that resistance into the receptiveness of the right to prosper. The Pass Joy Project seeks to change a survival mindset into one of thriving, while motivating and assisting in the development of self-esteem, life skills, character and career building. We are dedicated to passing on to Gen Z the permission to dream and succeed through the joyful pursuit of a meaningful existence, because each time we define and chase our own passions, we pass the joy, create the space, and inspire others to imagine and pursue their own dreams.


This groundbreaking project is delivered through live workshops and presentations, and the PJP Clubs, student-led groups established in local high schools and youth groups like the Boys and Girls Clubs. Each PJP Club receives essential materials, based on 21st Century Learning Skills, and step-by-step instructions on how to successfully set up and run a club, including videos, agendas, community service ideas, college admission guidance and scholarship opportunities.
Life Luxe Learning

It is our belief that life-long learning is part of a rich and prosperous lifestyle, and therefore, is a vital component of The Los Cabos Jazz Experience. In the hours prior to the main stage coming alive, attendees are treated to a robust schedule of thought-provoking and informative sessions, designed to inform, entertain and inspire. Each workshop is facilitated by noted experts in their fields, who offer participants practical advice and helpful tools.

In 2020 & 2021, Life Luxe Learning will focus on: physical, emotional, and financial health and wellness, with a concerted effort to connect the importance and integration of all three in a well-lived, balanced life.

Physical Health

We will expand our current programming and produce a series of on-line lectures conducted by subject matter experts educating our social media network with how to enhance their physical health through joy. Specific programs will include healthy cooking segments utilizing specific herbs that have been proven to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. The power of mediation to reduce anxiety, stress and increase endorphins, and many other topics.

Financial Health

Studies have shown that financial worries can have a significant impact on a person’s physical health. Our SMEs will show viewers how to reach their financial goals and obtain financial serenity no matter what their current financial situation. Topics include Financial infidelity, The Oreo generation and planning for retirement, to name a few.

Emotional Health

Mental health has long been the elephant in the room and seldom discussed with others especially in the Black community. Removing the stigma of admitting to needing help and seeking help will be addressed as well as removing the Superwoman Cape that is worn by many women especially Black woman. Lectures focusing on self-love, the power of music to reduce stress from a current and historical perspective.

Giving Back

It is often said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. A key step to obtaining real joy is through helping others and we will provide a series of lectures which will educate our viewers as to how to impact their own communities. The joy of giving will empower our viewers to take charge of the joy in their life by creating joy in the lives of others. Our SMEs will empower our viewers to be the difference they want to see in their communities.

Health and Wellness

Creating next-level awareness of the of healthy choices and options for issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, sexual health, and more delivered via online lectures.

Connecting the mind, body and soul dots to create emotional peace and wellness in areas like mental health, relationships, self-love, and more.

Promoting financial literacy and a healthy understanding of the role finances play in a balanced, healthy life, including new industry opportunities, financial planning for caregivers, and more.

Black Opportunity in the racial reckoning (Physical)
Stress busting practices or political?
Self-care vs Self-love
59% of black women have positive self-image, but how does that translate into feelings of self-worth?
Health Jam COVID 19 Update

Busting the Survive vs Thrive Mentality
Black Lives Matter Resist with Joy (Emotional)
Successful, Single, Searching—So many successful black women are single. Up level their approach to attracting love

Eating with Joy and in Good Health
Fine like Wine—A mother/daughter discussion on Black Girl Magic
Frisky like Whiskey—A father/son discussion on Black Man Joy
Finances for Caregivers (Health) Medicinal Marijuana Opportunities in Pot (Spiritual)
The Joy of Spirit

Finding Joy Through Music

Music has a way of opening our hearts and helping us feel more connected to others, to ourselves, and to the world around us. As a result, it is a direct line to our emotions and state of being. Music acts as an agent of calm, of joy, and even therapy in the lives of Black America.

*Particular to Black American music is the architecture to create a means by which singers and musicians can be completely free, free in the only way that would have been possible on a plantation: through art, through music — music no one “composed” (because enslaved people were denied literacy), music born of feeling, of play, of exhaustion, of hope.

This joy and feeling of freedom transmitted through jazz and black music in general, has become the heartbeat of Black America and an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual lifeline during both celebrated and perilous times.

*Source: Wesley Morris NYT

International Outreach

53017N, Inc. partners with Life Luxe Jazz, an annual festival that celebrates all that is wonderful about jazz music, while also encouraging cultural exchange. In addition to offering a music-driven experience for attendees, the founders of Life Luxe Jazz are committed to using the festival as a means to raise money for charity. The Atlanta-based founders of Life Luxe Jazz are raising funds and awareness regarding community development and ecological stressors in the Los Cabos region via various outreach activities.

2018 Cabo Cares Medical Outreach in Gastelum, Mexico

Jazz Master Class 2018

Cabo Ve January 2019

Life Luxe Library

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